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Unique Types and How to deal with it Colleague

Unique Types and How to deal with it Colleague
Like it or not, you should meet with someone from your company, maybe even your job was in contact with them. Here are some common types of co-workers and how to deal with:

The Antiques
Few tens of years working for the company to make these people know enough about the history of the company. Changes in the enterprise system can make it scared and ready to face fierce tide. How to deal with this type of co-workers must be extra patient and respectful. "Remember in your head, the type of antique these are people who've made it through the tough times the company, layoffs, and more. That said, he already knew the ins and outs of the company, whatever its position," says Elizabeth Freedman, author of "Work 101: Learning the Ropes of the Workplace Without Hanging Yourself "and" The MBA Student's Job-Seeking Bible. "

Antiques type generally likes this kind of nagging and grumbling. Could be because he was bored, but still fear the change in the system or technology that brought about by the new children are still young. He may be hard to accept and digest the changes. In order not to hurt her feelings and could win her, try approaching it slowly and gently teach without making her feel stupid or degrading knowledge. Humility and respect to teach him will make him feel appreciated.

The Bintang Sinetron
His car broke down before a big presentation, and he believed his wife was having an affair, he did not like her new boyfriend, and he was neighbors spying on him.

Although sound silly, but according to Kathi Elster, author of "Working With You Is Killing Me," types of this kind can dramatically frustrating. Type this kind of just want attention, and each time given advice, they did not hear or run. They just want attention to the drama of his life. To deal with this sort of things suggested direct talks with diplomatic phrases, such as, "I'm sure you've got close friends who better understand things like this, I do not understand about this kind," then change the subject.

Quiet Type
This type is more like lunch at his desk, leave and go home without a greeting. Generally this type of meeting participated diligently, but you never remember anything he spoke at the meeting. According to Elster observation, this type is a good worker. They always do the requested task, but they are difficult to advance because it is very difficult to voice the contents of his head. To get along with a type like this, try to get closer and be the one to understanding. Sincere praise, especially in front of others, will help to open up to you because he knows you are not the enemy.

Victim Type
Frequently complained that clients always get hard, there is stealing his pen, and so on. Any decision relating to him are always considered as the things that make his life miserable.

Type victims always feel everyone has evil intentions to him. To deal with this sort of person, let him unload his mind, no need too take the contents of his conversation dizzy, and then immediately change the subject of conversation.

Type Grumpy and Dissatisfied
This type can not accept anything that does not satisfy his heart. Schedule a meeting back an hour just ready to make explode. He would pout when prompted to look to improve its report. He was the type who dare uncover and let everyone hear the contents of his mind if one is not to his satisfaction, and usually his voice loud enough for everyone to hear. But a type like this tend to have a passive-aggressive tactics. He did not hesitate to bring up someone else's faults against him in front of others. In essence, not to offend him.

What can be done to deal with this person is extra patience to swallow pride and create a safe and comfortable situation for him, so he knew, you did not mean to bad to him. When he feels respected and able to trust you, negative emotions will begin to relax, hopefully he will be able to listen to. If you want to listen, he will listen to your thoughts.

Type the Director of Social
This type is very like to organize a gift exchange event, and make sure everyone knows the date of the office picnic. Depending with your mood, the energy he gave will be very charismatic and full of gratitude. Enjoy the advantages of working with these types of co-workers. You need not feel afraid to miss important dates offices. This type is most like to host events office. If your schedule is full and the contents of the bag diminishing, should reject his invitation to venture slowly and politely. Do not forget also to remember his birthday so he feels appreciated and loved, because he clearly appreciated the feasts.

Source: CareerBuilder

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