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6 Type the employee is hated by the boss

Person's job performance can be seen from various aspects, one of them how we behave and act in the work environment. Do not expect long you can work in a company if it does not have the initiative, motivation or apply less polite.

Your boss is someone who has the credibility to judge whether an employee has a good or bad performance on the job. As to what type of employees who rated poorly by his superiors?

Here's the list, as quoted from Helium:

1. Awl From Rear
This type of employee is like stabbing his partner from behind, be it new or old employees who tried to succeed. Because they do not want other employees more successfully from him, he often vilify people in front of your boss, co-workers gossiping about other every five minutes and usually have difficulty working in teams. This type is also difficult to accept the new person in the company, especially if the person is smarter, more experienced and more attractive appearance.

2. Lack Motivation
This type is an employee whose activities are just around the office, invites everyone to talk and never really finished doing its job. Many activities are less important that he does, such as trips to the toilet more than 10 times a day, calling people who are not related to work and tend to rely on others to clean up his job. Employees like this are usually more talk than action.

3. Too Many Reasons or Like Lying
This employee never want to blame or responsible for the problems it causes. He tends to blame on other people with millions of reasons. This type is also likely to seek a long-winded excuse when late in the office and like to skip the additional duties assigned to it.

4. Difficult Adapt
Every company must make some changes in order to progress and develop. But there are types of employees difficult to adapt to something new. No matter how much training and education provided to him, he was never ready with all the developments and new innovations. This type prefers to work in his own way and can not adapt to new methods that may be more secure, easy, fast and efficient. This makes it lags behind the other co-workers.

5. Trouble with the Communications
This type is not able to communicate effectively. He likes to say and behave less polite in the work environment, and tend to be harsh against another employee or client. Aggressive and defensive behavior is generally caused because they can not express what's on his mind. When faced with problems at work, this type tend to be quiet and reluctant to ask for the solution to your boss or another colleague. So that makes it easy to frustration and stress.

6. Like Complaining
Always complain any given task, not excited at work and often protested a company policy or upset when I had to work overtime.

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