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Remember! Never Too Good In The Workplace

Remember! Never Too Good In The Workplace

Giving attention to a friend's office of course is normal. But, too much attention to the co-worker was able to inhibit career.

Many ways to establish good relationships in the office. One is to help a friend work when needed.

But be careful, all that there are limits. Do not get too cool to help your friends, your own works unfinished.

Your assessment was threatened to be worse. Well, that did not happen that the following is a list of the good you do not need to be done every day in the office, as quoted from the article woman.

1. Feel guilty when you should refuse
We often encounter situations that are difficult to refuse co-workers. However, if co-workers are always approved the request, you will lose time to finish the job. Begin dared to express the rejection by saying no.

2. Too easy to say sorry
Better to keep your apology for an even bigger mistake. It can begin by providing an objective assessment about your mistakes and how you can fix it. You can also ask other solutions to your supervisor.

3. Non Stop Working
Use your free time wisely. Working non-stop even make the work inefficient and incompetent. It also makes you productive and creative. Fatigue will reduce the concentration and accuracy. Take time to relax for 90 minutes every day.

4. Passive when co-workers stealing your ideas
Passive action is a thing that often happens when someone steals the idea of ​​yours. The condition is very annoying, but it would be more annoying when you just see it and ignore it.

To avoid this happening, you should tell others that you are who sparked the idea, and no need feel free to tell the other fellow when someone steals your idea.

5. Afraid to ask for additional time
You got a project and given the estimated time to complete. However, you are still unsure whether you can finish it. If these conditions occur, it is better to ask for additional time. Many employees are hesitant in asking for additional time to superiors. Give a good reason, say that you can work better if you get extra time

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