Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

PT Televisi Transformasi Indonesia (TRANS TV)

Trans TV, diamond-shaped logo, which signifies the beauty and permanence. Highlights reflect the lives and customs of various remote areas in Indonesia as a symbolic reflection of life and culture of Indonesia. Letter of serif type, which reflects the timeless character, classic, yet familiar and easily recognizable. PT Televisi Transformasi Indonesia (TRANS TV) invite you to join us in the following positions:

Available Positions
  1. Account Executive S1 - ECONOMIC  (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

  2. Admin Support  S1 - ADMINISTRATION  (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

  3. Audioman  S1 - ALL MAJOR  (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

  4. Control Room  S1 - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

  5. Editor    D3 - BROADCAST  (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

  6. Event & Publicity  MIN S1 - ALL MAJOR (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

  7. Front Office & Call Centre  SMA/SMU/SMK - ALL MAJOR (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

  8. Marketing Off Air Supervisor  S1 - ALL MAJOR  (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

  9. Presenter  D3,S1 - BROADCAST (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

  10. Set Design  S1 - ARCHITECTURE  (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

  11. Software Development  S1 - INFORMATION SYSTEM  (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

  12. Wardrobe News    D3,S1 - ALL MAJOR  (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

  13. Wardrobe Production  D3,S1 - ALL MAJOR  (Close on Sept 12, 2011)

    Important Notice !
    • Always cross check any kind information you receive through e-mail, SMS or phone calls with information in your account at http://karir.transtv.co.id/index.php/application_status

    • Applicant who intentionally makes more than one (1) account for the purpose to incorrectly manipulate this recruitment system will be subject to termination once such action is discovered before and or after employment.

    • Trans TV will not charge the applicant with any fees in this recruitment program.

    For detail requirements and registration click the following link bellow.


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