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7 Steps to Balancing Career & Family

7 Steps to Balancing Career & Family

The debate between career and family is often faced by women. But it's good if you do both with the flexibility and patience to achieve a balance between the two.

Many said that being a housewife is a full-time job, but what if you still want to pursue careers and continue to prioritize the family? Getting a balance between parenthood and career is not easy, let alone have a baby.

These two things are essential balance. If you must do the work and family simultaneously, it takes flexibility and patience. Here are some practical tips to achieve a balance between career and family.

1. You do not need to do it yourself
Ask for help. Keeping the family is not done by one person appointed. If your kids are big enough may be able to ask for help from them to do some homework or do you also ask the help of her husband. Discuss with people around you about how all can contribute. Ask for advice from your family because the family is part of the team.

2. Talk with your boss
Does the company you work for has a flexible time? talk to your supervisor about your position between career and family.

3. Prioritizing
Make a list of all the things about the domestic life put on the highest priority and then make a list of all matters relating to employment. This may include consideration of financial issues.

4. Setting realistic goals
Make you to be flexible and realistic in planning every day. Make a list of what needs to be done.

5. Be prepared for the unexpected
Your child may fall ill or babysitter can not keep your child. You may be late for work due to some unforeseen circumstances. You should always prepare for emergencies outside of your planning.

6. Be Organized
All work tasks include children's school activities, doctor appointments, work meetings, and so on. All of these things should always be noted, this can avoid the 'forgotten' family obligations.

7. Try to stay focused and quality time for yourself
Always think positive, do not ever see why you should go back to work. Ensure that all things (work and family) can be done well so stay focused. Improve the quality of your own time by performing and relaxing vacation with the entire family.

Basically, you've got things to establish boundaries between work and home life.

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