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5 Ways to Balance Career & Personal Life

5 Ways to Balance Career & Personal Life

In the era of highly competitive today, it was difficult to maintain a balance between personal life and work. Not a few women who lost time with family and friends.

Working too hard does not guarantee a good career. The condition is sometimes just bad for your career because it was too tired to work can make people stressed and affect productivity.

So, what's the solution to be balance between the world of work and personal life? Consider the following tips from women.ygoy.

Planning a daily work schedule to make the work more quickly done. It will provide an opportunity for you to go home on time and can gather with family.

Take time to refresh your mind for 60 to 90 minutes each day and use that time to eat, sleep or just browse the internet. According to one study, open social networking sites at work, like facebook and twitter, not only make employees more relaxed but also more productive.

Separate personal and work problems
Avoid mixing personal problems with work. While in office, you are required to be professional. Vice versa, when at home, you should not bring work into the house.

courage to resist
Not all jobs can be taken because you are not a superhuman who can do all things. If you never refuse the work presented in repeatedly, then the employer will continue to think that you are able to solve it.

Time for yourself
Time job, not to mention having to take care of her husband and son would make you very tired. In order not to stress facing the activity, try to set aside time for yourself. Create additional schedule for yourself by going to a salon or spa.

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