Selasa, 09 Agustus 2011

Successful careers, happy home

If you have a career and family, share time is quite difficult. Want to balanced as

a housewife and a successful career. These tips!

Before you go to the office, deliver the child to the school. If it had occasionally Make provision for the little guy.

A time to eat dinner with family and Talk to children and husbands. Do not bring your work home. When you are at home, it is your time with family.

Do not skip lunch for work that has accumulated. You need to get food intake in a day. At lunchtime a time to call your child and how he was doing.

Remember your family is a priority. When the hour came home from work, you should immediately go home and leave the work to be done tomorrow. Better to spend your time with family.

Take advantage of the holiday should be as possible. You can cook at home, go out with family or just to pamper yourself at the salon.

Although you are busy with work and family care. Get plenty of rest to start the activity you back. Keep your health by taking vitamin C. because vitamin C make you not get sick in the middle of your busy life.

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