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Dare to Compete with Coworkers Men

Dare to Compete with Coworkers Men

Since time immemorial, man has been known as an intelligent creature in the competition. They did not hesitate to subdue the female co-worker.

Although today the presence of women is not uncommon anymore in the world of work, but still women are often viewed as weak by the men. Then, how women can survive and compete with men in the world of work?

As quoted from the book there's No Crying In Business: How Can Woman in Male-Dominated Succed Industries essay Roxanne Rivera, the author gives advice to women in the world of work.

Do not weak
According to Roxanne, he wanted to test her by teasing or treating is not good. That condition was a bitch, but you do not look weak, consider all the temptation does not make you scared and it was unnecessarily exaggerated by complaining to the boss to find a defense. Co-workers continue to face it and do not give up!

She also mentioned that women are reluctant to be aggressive, so they are being too accommodating and permissive. Mild sexual harassment or acts that are degrading can not be ignored just like that. "Dare to stand up and say no," said Roxanne.

Do not ever cry
Tears will destroy credibility in the workplace and a crying can frustrate you in the eyes of men. If you do not take it anymore, she advised to get out of the office for a moment and breathe fresh air to calm the mind.

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