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Tips Menulis Curricullum Vitae Yang Baik

Apply for the job is identical to writing Curriculum Vitae (CV) is effective. And maybe you've too often read the strategy of writing your CV (curriculum vitae) is good. But did you know that in a CV as much as possible avoid making a functional resume? Functional CV is a CV which usually include a list of capabilities and expertise plus a long career history.

Though such a CV is very classic and boring to read. In creating a CV, try to make the CV combinations that combine the capabilities, achievements, and work experience are related. The following are practical tips to make an effective CV:

Start with a goal as needed.
For example, if the position you are applying for is part of 'marketing' then you should highlight the capability of communication, foreign language, and knowledge of the market. If the position is needed 'secretary' then you should highlight your skills in the correspondence, filing, administration, and documentation.

Write a profile that describes your ability or skill.

Can you also explain the hobby that support your skills and abilities. Then emphasize your education. No need to tell you since elementary school just after high school to college.

Include performance option, you can enter 2 to 4 points the best performance you ever get in connection with the work you want to go. Both academic achievement and work performance.

Include your work experience, from beginning to end.

Emphasize the experience associated with the job you are applying. Complete with working lives and a little explanation about the work experience. Remember, companies often consider work experience person to decide whether or not acceptable candidates.

Well if your CV has been completed, immediately a letter of application to the company in question. Show your enthusiasm in applying for the job. Use language that is neutral but to sell. And try to write a CV and cover letter in English. Due to recent company prefers employees who could be English. Use of computers in typed CV and cover letter. In addition to be more tidy and easy to read, also seem more professional.

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