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Coworkers Can Kill Your Career

Coworkers Can Kill Your Career
There are many things that could bring down one of friendship. However, we can still make profits from friendship without fear of career had been damaged thereby. Here's how to set limits to friendship in the workplace:

Guard from the beginning
You're just familiar with the new child. She jokes happened so liquid. She jokes flowed away. Well, be careful, you will easily be tempted to tell about a personal problem. Do not be too quick to share your personal information immediately. Beware with whom you share a personal story. Do not be so easy to share things like that. You should give enough time to build trust in him and to know each personality. Try to go for lunch while we talk about general things that are new to go hang out together.

Minimize the socialization in the office
Still reasonable if you and a friend in the office went to lunch together, seated next to each other at meetings, or going for coffee together once in a while, however, do not spend hours in the cubicle while gossiping.

"If friendship is too liquid, might be involved drama office, for example; love the location, grumpy boss, or make a hostile gang of other colleagues. Negative things like this can reduce productivity," said Susan Shapiro Barash, author of Toxic Friends: The Antidote for Women Stuck in Complicated Friendships.

Friendship in the office alone should suffice as a counterweight. To keep the friendship of this kind, it's good to keep a low profile while in office. For matters of a personal event with the friend, do it outside of office hours and outside the work environment. This will prevent accusations that you are too often socialize while in office because it will reflect your productivity. It is recommended to continue the relationship beyond friendship or business affairs office outside the work environment.

Be careful to report the relationship
If you feel your boss is the best friend, remember, when there are no reports on the relationship between two individuals, it is important to establish a mutually agreed limits in order that others do not feel any special treatment or injustice from the bosses.

Although your boss is your best friend, does not mean you can boast about this closeness in the office. When it comes to promotions, you do not want my other colleagues think that your career could go up because of friendship with the boss?

Others again if you have friends that are equal. Initially seangkat friends, then one of you a promotion, then the new limits should also begin to be installed. For example, you and your colleagues are in a group containing five people near each other. Suddenly you get a promotion and rise to higher office. You can no longer complain about how the last group member to another member, even though it was way before you get promoted. Since this will hurt your friendship, including your reputation. Do not forget, your main focus is work, that is, you have to set boundaries with your co-workers about how much time can you miss joking with each other and exchanged many thoughts said.

You also must respect the restrictions provided by your teammates. Although it came out explicitly. For example, when you were talking about your date last night, and the friends you suddenly turn off the monitor while looking at his watch. That sign that he did not want to know about your personal.
Coworkers have experience how to make the performance of non-productive or damaging your career and how you handle it?

Source: CareerBuilder

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