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Do not Put Your Photos on CV

CuriculumvitaeDo not Put Your Photos on CV
What do you do when you're preparing for job interviews? Surely you wear your best clothes, and make sure the makeup look interesting without sounding redundant. But in England, if you know will be interviewed by a woman, you should not have to try too hard to look beautiful.

Thus the suggestion of Professor Cary Cooper of Lancaster University Management School. Because the study did find that the CV which features photographs of beautiful women only get a response about 25 percent. The reason, perhaps you can guess, is the jealousy between the interviewer and the interviewee. According to him, beautiful women who put pictures on her application less likely to get a chance interview. Female interviewers will actually try to help candidates underestimated.

"They're probably thinking, 'these beautiful women get a chance to get a job somewhere else, so I will interview candidates who are less attractive this'," says Professor Cooper.

The research was conducted on 5300 CV sent to 2650 jobs. Nearly 20 percent of the men who pulled a chance interview, but only 12.8 percent of the beautiful young woman gets the same treatment. Thus it can be said that the handsome man who put his picture on the CV will not experience discrimination as its beautiful women.

"The discovery of this beautiful sentence against women in conflict with psychology and organizational behavior research on beauty, which relates his fascination with nature and positive traits," said the researchers.

The results of this study are considered unreasonable by Carmen Watson, managing director of recruitment at Pertemps Recruitment Partnership. He never even realized that the applicants put their photos on the CV.

"Ultimately, we find the right person for the right job, and the right job for the right person, regardless of gender," says Watson.

How do you think? Have you ever experienced different treatment because of your physical appearance? Should actually displaying a picture of yourself in a cover letter?

Sources: Marie Claire

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