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Build of Good Karma in the Office

You must understand the importance of building strong relationships. Without other people, life felt empty. So is life in the office. If you want to succeed at work, you need the support and respect from colleagues. After all you never know when you will be asked to work a team with colleagues everywhere. Not to mention when you're trouble when it's deadline. Having good relationships with colleagues can also help more pleasant working atmosphere.

Here are 8 ways to build good karma in the office:
1. Friendly
You not only built a reputation through quality of work. Your attitude was also a factor. Smile and say hello to colleagues who passed in the hallway can also be a way to display a friendly and positive impression. Other small steps, like opening doors and holding the elevator door for co-workers can also help. After all, who does not like working with a friendly person?

2. Offers assistance
If you see a co-worker was trouble because the project he was working on, while you're relaxing, offer assistance. Your colleagues will appreciate and remember your help, who knows he will help you when trouble in the future.

3. Volunteer for projects that are unwanted
If you can volunteer to do a task, you can build self-image as a team player, plus you can practice new skills in the process. Bonus, these types of projects are sometimes very important in the eyes of managers, and advanced to run could be a way to be recognized by your boss.

4. Clean up
Do not be a troublesome work of other colleagues. Example, berbenahlah after you use the break room or conference room. In a survey conducted by Robert Half International, left the chamber with a mess is the most annoying and most disliked the office.

Others, if you use common items, such as a printer, make sure in good condition. For example, if there are papers relating to, the ink runs out, or the other, overcome so that people who use them soon after you can reuse.

5. Alert your annoying habits
Avoid habits that could interfere with other people, especially if you work in one large room and the people are sitting close together. For example, if you have to listen to the song while typing, wear headphones. Avoid using speakers unless it is requested and needed another partner. For some people, working while listening to music can be a frustrating thing. If you like the foul-smelling foods, eat outdoors, a co-worker who knows your pregnant and could not smell the odors sting.

6. Encourage the child to have lunch with a new
You remember how it feels to be a new child, who did not know anyone, and will confuse everything. Do not hesitate to help the new kid in office by inviting him to lunch together so you can explain about the procedures or rules in the office. Such small actions can make a bond with your own.

7. Listen
You could have your opinion holds that it is the best way to resolve the problems facing the company. However, there is no harm in it to hear the opinions of others without imposing your opinion? Show respect for others' ideas to make the other person know that you value their opinions. In addition, you can build up their knowledge with superior solution until you can realize your opinion.

8. Respect the efforts of others
This could be the most important rule. When a co-worker to help you make the job easier, to say thank you. If their efforts are truly extraordinary, tell your boss. Your colleagues will be very happy to help you if its efforts rewarded by you.

Remember, treat others the way you want to be treated so that you can build a reputation as a colleague of fun and very helpful.

Source: CareerBuilder

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