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Communication erodes the "Bossy"

Communication erodes the "Bossy"
Work environment requires communication polite and warm. That way, individual relationship with the interlocutor in the work environment will become warmer, tighter, and humane. Each individual in the workplace need to understand the importance of communication such as this, and also do it. If not, do not be surprised if the atmosphere was cozy office because communications are built tend to be thugs like yelling, quasi-ordered, and bossy.

Form of communication that need to be built in the working environment is referred to as behavior by Wahyu Wibowo communication, author and trainer adab communication, corporate culture, and mass media. Revelation describes, employees require the communication, but not just organizational communication, but communication that reflects the noble character, appreciative of the profession, and flexibility insight. By building a civilized communication within the company, arrogant, aka shrink the existence of others by tapping the chest or a smart ass would not arise, but also erodes bossy attitude.

Well, to build a civilized communication, the key is to be a good listener to listener. No harm in trying to be a good listener to listener. There's no point anyway if we always show mastery speak blurted out constantly. Instead, you need to do is to give opportunity to the listener, then let yourself drift and dissolve in the conversation so you can gather detailed information.

"So far we are only able to speak without wanting to hear. In not a few managers in the company who likes to behave like that to the employees. Impressed he likes to cut off the conversation before the employee completed his speech," said Wahyu.

So why manners of communication need to be built within the company? Revelation explained, someone who is able to establish communication adab (manners and warm) will be easier to communicate with anyone without colored egoism. In addition, a person who is able to communicate with other civilized people would not see in black and white. "He will also look at his interlocutor of empathy glass eyes, and not just of sympathy," said Wahyu.

Warm working relationship can be created by listening to each other as a form of civilized communication. Is this type of communication that is built up in your work environment? If not, no need to wait for someone else to start, just start listening to others in the office, both subordinates, colleagues one level also your boss.

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