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PT BBI (Boma Bisma Indra)

PT BBI (Boma Bisma Indra)  MANUFACTURING company engaged in : Pressure Vessel (PV), Head Exchanger (HE), Condenser, Constructions, Steel Structure. In the year 1998, Indonesian goverment adopted BBI under the National Strategic Industry. Soon, PT BBI (Boma Bisma Indra) has grown rapidly as a company focusing in power generator, automative application, pumps set, earth moving machinery, agrobased industry and more. PT BBI (Boma Bisma Indra) immediate need at the current power formations:

    2. MECHANICAL ENGINEER junior. (Y-ME) 3 Persons.
    3. Fabrication ENGINEER (FE) 1 PERSON
    • S1 T. Experienced Machine 2 Years, (No. 1.3);
    • S1 / D3 T. Experienced Machine 2 Years, (No. 2);
    • GPA Min 2.90 (No. 1,2,3);
    • Mastering Design Shoftware associated with PV, HE, Steel Structure, thermal HE Condenser & Design. (No. 1,2,3);
    • Max age 30 years. (No. 1.3);
    • Max age 27 years. (No. 2);
    • Not Married, Not Regulated Health and mating. (No. 1,2,3);
    • Fluent in English Oral and Written. (No. 1,2,3)
    Applications can be sent via e-mail at link below or post, no later than August 15, 2011 Cap Post, addressed to: HRD Manager PT Boma Bisma Indra (Persero) JL. Imam Bonjol 18 Pasuruan - East Java, Zip Code: 67122. Test will be held August 20, 2011. Only short-listed candidates will be called to follow the next stage of selection.

     Email I -- Email II -- Download

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