Selasa, 14 Juni 2011


RASGAS is one of the most successfull global energy suppliers in the world. RASGAS oversees and manages all the operations associated with seven LNG Trains, two sales gas production facilities, Helium production facilities, as well as major shipping contracts and global commercial partnerships. Rasgas currently require an experienced workforce, such as power operators, utility operators, and others to be placed in several locations in Doha, Qatar.

 Currently our company are seeking suitable candidates for the following positions:
  1. Maintenance Associate Technologist (Controls)
  2. Head of Maintenance (Planning)
  3. Reliability Engineering Specialist
  4. Maintenance Supervisor (RIGGING & LIFTING)
  5. Lead Maintenance Technician (Systems)
  6. Maintenance Technician (Condition Monitoring)
  7. Utility Operators
  8. Power Operators
For more information on available vacancies & Should you interested please apply at links below.


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