Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

PT PLN (Persero)

PT PLN (Persero) Jabodetabek & Banten invites SMA and SMK graduates to join our team as:
  • Distribution Technician (PDKB) (Code: TEKDIS)
  • Transmission Technician (Code: TEKTRANS)
  • Distribution Operators (Code: OPDIS)
  • Male, not married
  • Graduated from SMA majoring in IPA and SMK majoring in Mechanical Engineering/ Electricity Engineering
  • Minimum UAN score average 7.5
  • Year of birth 1991 or thereafter
  • Minimum height 155 cms (for TEKDIS/ PDKB/ TEKTRANS minimum height 165 cms and not suffering altophobia)
  • Soud mind and body based on examination of company designated  doctor/ laboratory
  • Not smoking and able to not smoking
  • Pass all selection test stages: ADM Selection, Academic Tests, Tests Physical, psychological test, Health Test, Interview and Training Prajabatan
  • Applicants may choose 1 or 2 positions, with the composition priority 1 and priority 2.
  • Closing date: July 15, 2011.
Should you interested please download official information, applying procedures and application form at link below.


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