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PT Astra Honda Motor

PT Astra Honda Motor is the largest motorcycle manufacturing & distribution company in Indonesia, with more than 10,000 total employees. In accordance with the vision of the company, PT. Astra Honda Motor is always working to provide the best mobility solution that could meet customer needs with world class management system. Every person at PT Astra Honda Motor valued in accordance with his/ her achievements and potential, if you are a person who meets the desired qualifications, we are looking forward to welcoming you to join PT Astra Honda Motor.

Job description:
  • Responsible for making and printing in SAP PO PO
  • Coordinate with user to ensure the sample of goods or other supporting documents are complete PO
  • Assist vendors who are having problems verifying
  • Help monitor the delivery of goods by vendors in order to timely
  • Graduated D3 from all majors
  • GPA min 2.75
  • Max age 25 years
  • Mastering Ms Office
  • Honest, thorough, workmanlike, initiative & responsibility
  • Can communicate well (internal & external)
Job description:
  • Responsible for product marketing
  • Create & implement programs marketing / sales
  • Fostering Main Dealer network in terms of product marketing Part (HGP), AHM oil, accessories, & merchandise
  • Graduated S1 majoring in Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Management
  • Max age 27 years
  • Min GPA 2.75
  • Know the world of marketing
  • Knowing the general world of automotive, motorcycle, especially
  • Able to communicate well (communication skills)
  • Mastering the English language with good
Job description:
  • Initial estimates of design
  • Make the design a bit tricky
  • Checking the results designnya
  • Checking drawings drafter
  • Modification of data recorded
  • Provide report designnya
  • Monitoring results to part designnya OK
  • Following trial to the first injection
  • Make analysis and trouble shooting for a simple design results
  • Creating a standard image for the purposes of design
  • Graduated S1 Mechanical Engineering
  • Age max 27 years
  • Min GPA 2.75
  • Could draw a good technique
  • Can operate the machine tool
  • Can make a complicated sequence of machining processes
  • Capable of drawing with 3D CAD
  • Able to operate Ms. Office
  • Fluent in English active
Job description:
  • Make the repair and preventive maintenance planning die
  • Creating a budget controlling section
  • Analyze problems and make PICA
  • Making improvement of five problems facing
  • Meeting coordination with other parts (Production, Engineering, PPIC, Procurement & Internal) related routine work and also improvement (change of die design or part)
  • Graduated D3 Mechanical Engineering
  • Age Max 25 Years
  • Min GPA 2.75
  • Able to read 2D and 3D drawing techniques
  • Being able to make the repair and preventive maintenance planning
  • Able to analyze problems of the die until the root causenya
  • Ability to work team work
  • Able to coordinate the team
  • Computer literate (MS Office & CAD)
Job description:
  • Ensure parts are not problematic diapproved quality at masspro
  • Determining measurement & testing systems, to meet the needs of Unit Assy Masspro & production support activities
  • Determining inspection systems & complete units of the required quality standards
  • Graduated S1 Mechanical Engineering
  • Max age 27 years
  • Min GPA 2.75
  • Able to read engineering drawings with good, common international standards
  • Knowing the various methods of testing, measurement & inspection
  • Able to analyze a process, concluded the cause of the problem & suggestions improvisation
  • SPC understands very well & can apply the
  • Have a strong motivation to do improvisation to improve the quality of parts
Senior IR Officer (HR-IRE)
Job Descriptions
  • Responsible for updating the regulations and labor laws for implementation of enterprise solutions
  • The formulation and negotiation PKB
  • enforce the law, order and discipline of employees with problems including counseling, investigation, news-making events and represent the company in legal proceedings related
  • To prevent and resolve industrial disputes and strikes
  • Detect early industrial relations problems and take action so that the problems are not enlarged
  • Fostering a productive relationship with SPSI
  • Bachelor (S1) degree in Law
  • Minimum GPA 3.00
  • Maximum 27 years old
  • Experienced as a Lawyer
  • Mastering labour law and regulations, mass communication and negotiation techniques
  • Able to approach the informal leader, work & PUK leader
Should you interested please apply at links below, not later than June 30, 2011.


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