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Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia

Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia one of the leading manufactures and distributors of The Coca-Cola Company products in Indonesia is targeting a high caliber career orientated professional to fill in the positions of:

Legal Associate - Jakarta
The position will be within Legal Section located in our corporate office in Jakarta. The Legal Associate together with other members of the Legal Section is responsible to handle ad oversee legal matters of the company by doing, among others, the following:
  • Providing advices and dealing with legal issues (in the broadest sense of meaning), including handling police maters and litigation proceedings, standardizing various agreements, drafting and issuing Standard Operating Procedure, policy or guidance as well as legal opinion
  • Ensuring the company’s compliance with the prevailing laws and legislation in Indonesia including government reporting requirements
  • Implementing corporate formalities and doing legal secretarial works
  • Procuring and maintaining licenses  and permits of the company
  • Supporting other departments or functions  in their  activities
  • Maintaining good and professional relationship with relevant business associations and government institutions; and
  • Managing legal risks of the company
  • Keeping abreast of any new development in legal area including giving updates and conducting workshops or training for relevant function.
  • The Legal Associate will provide technical guidance and expertise in legal area and is held accountable for working productively with other departments or functions to support the objective of the company.
In charge for the aforementioned essential role, you would be expected to have the following qualifications:
  • Hold Indonesian citizenship and be in an excellent health condition
  • Preferably male
  • Bachelor degree from  a reputable university majoring in law area preferably having master degree from overseas
  • Strong analytical and influencing skills are required to identify business improvement opportunities and drive change
  • Excellent communication skill both verbal and written in English and Indonesian
  • Strong leadership and highly motivated to overcome challenges
  • Should be a reliable person, confident, team player, proactive,  assertive, open, honest,and co-operative
  • Willing to travel to other provinces
  • Able to maintain stable performance under pressure.
Treasury & Risk Analyst - Jakarta
The position will be within Finance Department located in our corporate office in Jakarta. Within CCAI, the Treasury & Risk Analyst provides services in coordinating foreign currency exposure forecasting; develop FX risk management strategies, reporting analysis for decision making, and insurance management. The position has to deal with external parties (Banks, Insurance Broker and Risk Consultant). Since the FX forecasting and insurance involved all departments, the key challenges of this position are coordination, knowing the critical success factors of the Company’s business, being able to think strategically. In this position, you will be responsible for the following accountabilities:
  • Effectively managing Foreign Currency Payments and Hedging, provide Complete Monthly Management Reporting in relation to exposures and hedging levels. Complete hedge effectiveness testing where required in order complying with hedge accounting requirements.
  • Developing FX and risk management strategies by obtaining a series of technical analysis including the overall economic outlook trends/forecast.
  • Providing common background assumptions for the development of FX exposure forecast, administers the forecast and review process in co-ordination with various levels of management (particularly Business Planning, Supply Chain, Technical Commercial, Sales and Marketing and Plant) and develops relevant criteria, framework, guidelines and procedures in preparing and developing FX forecast.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the soundness and reasonability of FX forecast versus company objectives. Determines relevant conclusions and actions required making plans.
  • Ensuring timely submission of required FX Forecast to Coca-Cola Amatil Treasury.
  • Comparing actual FX exposure results with the forecast and standards of operation and report/analyze such results to the Treasury and Risk Manager. This includes raw material, indirect expense and capital spending.
  • Completing annual renewal insurance for global and local arrangement which covers property, marine and non-life insurance and ensure adequate insurance coverage at least cost.
  • Responsible to coordinate with related functions if any claims happened, ensure to complete recovery and liaise with Coca-Cola Amatil Risk and Insurance Manager.
  • Identifying and evaluating potential risk in Plant Operation, follow up any corrective action plan and coordinate with Technical Operation Manager.
  • Routine communication and up-dates with:
    • CCAI technical commercial team with foreign currency Capital spending
    • CCAI Supply Chain on exposures related with foreign currency Raw Material spending
    • CCA Treasury
    • CCA Risk and Insurance Manager
    • Banking counterparties on foreign currency volatility trends
    • Insurance Broker and Risk Consultant
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