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PT PANN (Persero)

PT PANN (Persero) -  PT. Pengembangan Armada Niaga Nasional (PT PANN) was established in May 1974 as an alternative non-bank financial institutions engaged in ship financing, with the aim to develop a national shipping. PT PANN (Persero) currently in need of young candidates with high motivation who wish to develop themselves, with the following requirements:

General Requirements
  • Male / Female
  • Max 25. year
  • S1 - IPK Min.2, 75 public university, S1 - IPK Min.3.00 Private University
  • Toefl 500. certification
  • Physical and Physical Health
  • The certificate of good conduct (SKCK)
  • Drug-Free Certificate
  • Willing to run the service 5 year bond
    Special Requirement S1 (Fresh Graduate)
    S1-Accounting, preferred to understand and have:
    • Analysis / evaluation of financial
    • Taxation
    • Manufacture / preparation of Appraisal
    • Analysis / evaluation of credit & risk mitigation
    • Project Financing Analyst
    • Certificates of expertise in finance / accounting / tax
    S1 Management, preferred to have and understand:
    • Analysis / evaluation of financial
    • Taxation
    • Manufacture / preparation of Appraisal
    • Analysis / evaluation of credit & risk mitigation
    • Analyst and Project Financing proposals
    • Certificate in the field of financial management
    S1 Ship Engineering / Mechanical Shipping, preferably to understand and have:
    • Manufacture / preparation of Appraisal
    • Mechanical maintenance / maintenance of ship engines / mitigation of technical risk in shipbuilding
    • Certificates of other expertise in the field of engineering and ship engines (Marine surveyor, ISMCODE, ISPS)
    S1 Civil Law, understand and have precedence:
    • Manufacture / preparation of Appraisal
    • The technique of making the agreement
    • The ability of civil administration
    • Handling civil and criminal cases / Corporate
    • Internship experience / staff at the corporate lawyer
    Phases of Acceptance
    • PHASE I. Only the candidates / applicants with the best qualifications (shortlist candidate) will be included in the subsequent selection process.
    • PHASE II. Applications that pass the selection will be called to follow Psychotest
    • PHASE III. Form Filling Curriculum Vitae, continued to follow the interview
    • PHASE IV. Psychotest + written test / Academic
    • PHASE V. Health Tests
    • PHASE VI. Bond to the status of contract employee for 5 years
    • FINAL PHASE. For those who have the competence to be appointed as permanent employees.
      Please send your complete application (CV-put status, height & weight, recent photograph uk.4x6 = 2 sheets of colored photocopy of the latest ID card, photocopy of diploma last terlegalisir, photocopying TOEFL certification, seminars, training other owned). Write the position code will be proposed at the top left corner of the envelope. Received no later than August 16, 2011, to address:  PO BOX 3377 JAKARTA or Please fill out the application (download the Application Form below), For those interested candidates, further information on detail requirements, education majors, responsibilities and how to apply, can be found in the following link. Only applicants who meet the requirements to be processed.

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