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PT Astra International Tbk

PT Astra International Tbk is a large and solid Company with wide business interest in automotive, financial services, heavy equipment, agribusiness, information technology, and infrastructure sectors. We are currently seeking for professional candidates with strong analytical ability, high sense of achievement, ability to work under pressure, and fluency in English (both oral and written) to join Astra's winning team.

Job Fair UGM - Information Technology - C36

  • As an IT Officer, you will be responsible to designing computer aplication in order to answering user demands. You will also analyze demand & supply of inventory by coordinating with our suppliers.
  • You will posted in our business industries (automotive, heavy equipment, and financial services).
  • Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree / Post Graduate Degree in Information Technology / Computer Science / Information System / Industrial and Electrical Engineering / Management Information.
  • Having good technical skills and knowledge.
  • Innovative and creative person.
Job Fair UGM - Human Resources - C36
  • You will be responsible in the area of HR Operation and HR System to optimize the organization's effectiveness. You will also be responsible to build relationship with external parties
  • As an HR Officer, you will be posted in our business industries (automotive, sales operation, agribusiness, infrastructure and heavy equipment).
  • Bachelor's Degree from Psychology / Law / Management / Industrial Engineering Major.
  • Having 1 or 2 years experiences will be an advantage.
  • Actively involved in organizational activities.
  • Candidate must have an excellent interpersonal skill and high passion in interacting with people and develop them.
Job Fair UGM - Finance/ Accounting - C36
  • You will be responsible for all accounting functions in the company, such as handling financial corporate consolidation report, cash flow management.
  • As a Finance/ Accounting Officer, you will be posted in our business industries (automotive, sales operation, heavy equipment, financial services and agribusiness).
  • Bachelor's Degree from Finance / Accounting, Mastering accounting and auditing principle.
  • Actively involve in organizational activities.
  • Having 1 or 2 years experiences will be an advantage.
  • Willing to be located throughout Indonesia.
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